GPS - Global Pension Services

The guide to your pension solutions...


GPS is able to offer multinational companies an administration for all their pension schemes on ONE system, with a complete and real-time overview of their costs, liabilities and assets.

  • Many companies still find themselves with an international patchwork of pensions. A multitude of different pension plans increases complexity and reduces transparency, leading to hidden risks, inconsistencies and inefficiencies.
  • GPS acknowledges these challenges and offers the first end-to-end service. This includes all types of pension plans, i.e. defined benefit, (collective) defined contribution and hybrids.

GPS offers two types of services:


     FULL SERVICE PROVIDER (Third Party Administrator)

Powered by Sagitec, Idella & GPS

The first ENABLER of cross border pension administration by

  • Cooperating with
  • Connecting
  • Coordinating

Experienced and Proven specialized parties

In ONE agile & customer centric SYSTEM



Pan European Pension- and Unit Administration Platform

  • One Administration
  • Communication 2.0