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Think European, Act local...

“Think European, Act Local”


Think  European

Notwithstanding the longstanding concept of the European Union with its open borders, we are still facing a huge patchwork of different Social & Labour Laws; Each member state has its own local rules regarding old age pensions.

And the reality is that this will not change in the next decades.

Therefore, it is essential to work on an ICT-platform that not only can handle many different pension schemes and legislation, but also deal with changing legislation in an agile and flexible way.

By selecting Neospin of our partner Sagitec, GPS not only is able to handle all varieties of local pension schemes, but also to act on local changes of  laws and regulations in less than no time.

Act Local

The administration of  pension schemes is, just like the communication, a local matter. The lines of communication with both employer and employees must be short.  And local market knowledge is best ensured by local players.

That’s why GPS has chosen working with carefully selected local pension administrators with an excellent reputation, our Local Hubs.

They guarantee the best service to customers and thorough local knowledge.